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151. Otsuka, I.; Barrett, C. J. “Electrospinning of Photo-Responsive Azo-Cellulose: Towards Smart Fibrous Materials” Cellulose 2019, 50, 6903–6915. - (Full Text)

150. Chang, V.; Fedele, C.; Priimagi, A.; Shishido, A.; Barrett, C.J.; “Photo-Reversible Soft Azo Materials: Towards Optical Control of Bio-Interfaces.” Advanced Optical Materials 2019, 7, 1900091. - (Full Text)

149. Landry, M. J.; Gu, K.; Harris, S. N.; Al-Alwan, L.; Gutsin, L,; de Biasio, D.; Jiang, B.; Nakamura, D. S.; Corkery, T. C.; Kennedy, T. E.*; Barrett, C.J.; “Tunable Engineered Extracellular Matrix: Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Promote Improved Neural Cell Growth and Survival” Macromolecular Biosciences 2019, 19, 1900036. - (Full Text)

148. Ishizu, M.; Aizawa, M.; Akamatsu, N.; Hisano, K.; Fujikawa, S.; Barrett, C. J.; Shishido, A. “Effect of Surface Treatment on Molecular Alignment Behavior by Scanning Wave Photopolymerization” Applied Physics Express 2018, 12, 041004. - (Full Text)

147. Hisano, K.; Ota, M.; Aizawa, M.; Akamatsu, N.; Barrett, C. J.; Shishido, A. “Single-Step Creation of Polarization Gratings by Scanning Wave Photopolymerization with Unpolarized Light” Journal of the Optical Society of America B. 2019, 36, D112-D118. - (Full Text)

146. Aizawa, M.; Ota, M.; Hisano, K.; Akamatsu, N.; Barrett, C. J.; Shishido, A. “Direct Fabrication of a Q-plate Array by Scanning Wave Photopolymerization” Journal of the Optical Society of America B. 2019, 36, D47-D51. - (Full Text)

145. Hao, Y.; Huang, S.; Guo, Y.; Hao, H.; Zhou, L.; Barrett, C. J.; Yu, H. “Photoinduced Multi-Directional Deformation of Azobenzene Molecular Crystals” Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2018, 8, 503-507. - (Full Text)

144. Aizawa, M.; Hisano, K.; Ishizu, M.; Akamatsu, N.; Barrett, C.J.; Shishido, A. “Unpolarized Light-Induced Alignment of Azobenzene by Scanning Wave Photopolymerization” Polymer Journal 2018, 50, 753-759. - (Full Text)

143. Landry, M.J.; Rollet, F.-G.; Kennedy, T.E.; Barrett, C.J. “Layers and Multilayers of Self-Assembled Polymers: Tunable Engineered Extracellular Matrix Coatings for Neural Cell Growth” Langmuir 2018, 34, 8709-8730. - (Full Text)

142. Bushuyev, O. S.; Aizawa, M.; Shishido, A.; Barrett, C.J. "Shape-Shifting Azo Dye Polymers: Towards Sunlight-Driven Molecular Devices" Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2018, 39(1), 1700253. - (Full Text)

141. Elkin, I.; Maris, T.; Hildgen, P.; Barrett, C. J. “Crystal Structures of the Solvent-Free and Ethanol Disolvate Forms of 4,4′-(diazenediyl)bis(2,3,5,6-tetrafluorobenzoic acid) Exemplifying Self-Stabilized Azobenzene cis-Configurations” Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications 2018, 74, 1486–1490.

140. Christopherson, J.; Topic, F.; Barrett, C.J.; Friscic, T. “Halogen-Bonded Cocrystals as Optical Materials: Next-generation Control over Light-Matter Interactions” Crystal Growth and Design 2018, 18(2), 1245-1259. - (Full Text)

139. Elkin, I.; Maris, T.; Christopherson, J.-C.; Borchers, T. H.; Barrett, C. J.; “Crystal Structure of Octane-1, 8-diaminium 4, 4′-(diazene-1, 2-diyl) Dibenzoate Monohydrate” Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications 2018, 74, 724-727. - (Full Text)

138. Elkin, I.; Maris, T.; Melkoumov, A.; Hildgen, P.; Banquy, X.; Leclair, G.; Barrett, C. J.; “Crystal Structure of 2-Oxopyrrolidin-3-yl 4-(2-phenyldiazen-1-yl) Benzoate” Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications 2018, 74, 458-460. - (Full Text)

137. Hisano, K,; Aizawa, M.; Ishizu, M.; Kurata, Y.; Nakano, W.; Akamatsu, N.; Barrett, C.J.; Shishido, A. “Scanning Wave Photo-polymerization Enables Dye-Free Alignment Patterning of Liquid Crystals” Science Advances 2017, 3(11), e1701610. - (Full Text)

136. Elkin, I.; Banquy, X.; Barrett, C.J.; Hildgen. P. “Non-Covalent Association of Active Principles with Dendrimers: State-of-the-Art and Prospects for Further Development” The Journal of Controlled Release 2017, 264, 288–305. - (Full Text)

135. Akmatsu, N.; Hisano, K.; Tatsumi, R.; Aizawa, M.; Barrett, C.J.; Shishido, A. “Thermo-, Photo-, Mechano-Responsive Liquid Crystal Networks Coated with a Solvent-Free Photonic Crystal Layer” Soft Matter 2017, 13, 7486–7491. - (Full Text)

134. Landry, M. J.; Gelle, A,; Meng, B.; Barrett, C.J.; Moores, A. "Surface Plasmon Mediated Hydrogenation of Carbonyls Catalyzed by Silver Nanocubes under Visible Light" ACS Catalysis 2017, 7 6128–6133. - (Full Text)

133. Christopherson, J-C.; Potts, K. P.; Bushuyev, O. S.; Topić, F.; Huskić, I.’ Rissanen, K.; Barrett, C.J.; Friščić, T. "Assembly and Dichroism of a Four-Component Halogen-Bonded Metal-Organic Cocrystal Salt Solvate" Faraday Discussions 2017, 203, 441–457. - (Full Text)

132. Landry, M.; Applegate, M. B.; Bushuyev, O. S.; Omenetto, F.; Kaplan, D.; Cronin-Golomb, M.; Barrett, C.J. "Photo-Induced Structural Modification of Silk Gels containing Azobenzene Side Groups" Soft Matter 2017, 13, 2903-2906. - (Full Text)

131. Schoelch, S.; Vapaavuori, J.; Rollet, F.; Barrett, C.J. "The Orange Side of Disperse Red 1: Humidity-Driven Color Switching in Supramolecular Azo-Polymer Materials Based on Reversible Dye Aggregation" Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2017, 38, 1600582. - (Full Text)

130. Bushuyev, O.S.; Friščić, T.; Barrett, C.J. "Photo-Induced Motion of Azo Dyes in Organized Media: from Single and Liquid Crystals, to MOFs and Machines" Crystal Engineering Communications 2016 18, 7204-7211. - (Full Text)

129. Goulet-Hanssens, A.; Magdesian, M. H.; Lopez-Ayon, Grutter, P.; Barrett, C.J. "Reversing Adhesion with Light: A General Method for Functionalized Bead Release from Cells" Biomaterials Science 2016, 4, 1193-1196. - (Full Text)

128. Bushuyev, O.S.; Barrett, C.J.; Friščić, T. “Controlling Dichroism of Molecular Crystals by Cocrystallization” Crystal Growth and Design 2016, 16, 541-545. - (Full Text)

127. Bushuyev, O.S.; Tomberg, A.; Vinden, J.; Moitessier, N.; Barrett, C.J.; Friščić, T. “Azo···Phenyl Stacking: a Persistent Self-Assembly Motif Guides the Assembly of Fluorinated Cis-Azobenzenes into Photo-Mechanical Needle Crystals” Chemical Communications 2016, 52, 2103-2106. - (Full Text)

126. Magdesian, M. H.; Lopez-Ayon, M.; Mori, M.; Boudreau, D.; Goulet-Hanssens, A.; Sanz, R.; Miyahara, Y.; Barrett, C.J.; Fournier, A. E.; De Koninck, Y.; Grutter. P. “Rapid Mechanically Controlled Rewiring of Neuronal Circuits” Journal of Neuroscience 2016, 36, 979-987. - (Full Text)

125. Aizawa, M.; Hisano, K.; Barrett, C.J.; Shishido, A. "Fabrication of Molecularly Aligned Filme Doped with Anisotropic Dye Molecules Induced by Photopolymerization with Spatial Intensity Gradient" Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 2016 89, 212-217.

124. Abendroth, J. M.; Bushuyev, O. S.; Weiss, P. S.; Barrett, C.J. “Controlling Motion at the Nanoscale: Rise of the Molecular Machines” ACS Nano 2015, 9, 7746–7768. - (Full Text)

123. Valashani, S. S. M.; Barrett, C.J.; Barthelat, F. “Self-Assembly of Microscopic Tablets Within Polymeric Thin Films: a Possible Pathway Towards New Hybrid Materials” RSC Advances 2015, 5, 4780–4787. - (Full Text)

122. Bushuyev, O.S.; Tan, D.; Barrett, C. J.; Friščić, T. “Fluorinated Azobenzenes with Highly Strained Geometries for Halogen Bond-Driven Self-Assembly in the Solid State” Crystal Engineering Communications 2015, 17, 73–80. - (Full Text)

121. Harrison, J. M.; Goldbaum, D.; Corkery, T.C.; Barrett, C. J.; Chromik, R. R. “Nanoindentation Studies to Separate Thermal and Optical Effects in Photo-Softening of Azo Polymers” J. Materials Chemistry C 2015, 3, 995–1003. - (Full Text)

120. Saccone, M.; Dichiarante, V.; Forni, A.; Goulet-Hanssens, A.; Cavallo, G.; Vapaavuori, J.; Terraneo, G.; Barrett, C. J.; Resnati, G.; Metrangolo, P.; Priimagi, A. “Supramolecular Hierarchy Among Halogen and Hydrogen Bond Donors in Light-Induced Surface Patterning” J. Materials Chemistry C 2015 3, 759–768. - (Full Text) - (Cover)

119. Vapaavuori, J.; Goulet-Hanssens, A.; Heikkinen, I.; Barrett, C.J.; Priimagi, A. “Are Two Azo Groups Better Than One? Investigating the Photoresponse of Polymer-Bisazobenzene Complexes" Chemistry of Materials 2014, 26, 5089–5096. - (Full Text)

118. Goulet-Hanssens, A.; Corkery, T. C.; Priimagi, A.; Barrett, C.J. “Effect of Head Group Size on Photoswitching Applications of Azobenzene Disperse-Red 1 Analogues”, J. Materials Chemistry C 2014, 2, 7505-7512. - (Full Text)

117. Goulet-Hanssens, A.; Barrett, C.J. “Modular Assembly of Azo Photo-Switches Using Click Chemistry Allows for Predictable Photo-Behaviour”, J. PhotoChemistry and PhotoBiology A: Chemistry 2014, 294 62–67. - (Full Text)

116. Priimagi, A.; Barrett, C. J.; Shishido, A., “Recent Twists in Azobenzene Photo-Mechanics and Photo-Alignment”, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2014, 2, 7155–7162. - (Full Text) - (Cover)

115. Bushuyev, O.S.; Corkery, T. C.; Barrett, C.J.; Friščić, T. “Photo-Mechanical Azobenzene Cocrystals and in situ X-ray Diffraction Monitoring of their Optically-Induced Crystal-to-Crystal Isomerisation”, Chemical Science 2014, 5, 3158–3161.

114. Xiao, L; Vyhnalkova, R.; Sailer, M.; Yang, G.; Barrett, C.J.; Eisenberg, A. "Planar Multilayer Assemblies Containing Block Copolymer Aggregates" Langmuir 2014 30, 891–899. - (Full Text)

113. Singleton, T.Q.; Burgess, I. B.; Nerger, B.A.; Goulet-Hanssens, A.; Koay, N.; Barrett, C.J.; Aizenberg, J.; “Photo-tuning of Highly Selective Wetting in Inverse Opals” Soft Matter 2014 10, 1325–1328. - (Full Text)

112. Sailer, M.; Fernández, R.; Lu, X.; Barrett, C.J.; “High Levels of Molecular Orientation of Surface Azo Chromophores Can Be Optically Induced Even in a Wet Biological Environment” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2013, 15, 19985-19989. - (Full Text)

111. Bushuyev, O. S.; Tomberg, A.; Friščić, T.; Barrett, C.J.; “Shaping Crystals with Light: Crystal-to-Crystal Isomerization and Photomechanical Effect in Fluorinated Azobenzenes” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013, 135, 12556–12559. - (Full Text)

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108. Bushuyev, O. S.; Singleton, T.Q.; Barrett, C.J., "Fast, Reversible, and General Photomechanical Motion in Single Crystals of Various Azo Compounds Using Visible Light" Advanced Materials, 2013, 25, 1796–1800. - (Full Text)

107. Burgess, I. B.; Nerger, B. A.; Raymond, K. P.; Goulet-Hanssens, A.; Singleton, T. A.; Kinney, M. H.; Shneidman, A. V.; Koay, N.; Barrett, C.J.; Loncar, M.; Aizenberg, J. "Wetting in Color: From Photonic Fingerprinting of Liquids to Optical Control of Liquid Percolation" Photonic Engineering Nanostructures 2013, 8632, 1–9.

106. Cavelier, S.; Barrett, C.J.; Barthelat, F., "The Mechanical Performance of a Biomimetic Nanointerface Made of Multilayered Polyelectrolytes" European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 5380–5389. - (Full Text)

105. Goulet-Hanssens, A.; Lai Wing Sun, K.; Kennedy, T.E.; Barrett, C.J., "Photoreversible Surfaces to Regulate Cell Adhesion" Biomacromolecules, 2012, 13, 2958–2963. - (Full Text)

104. Singleton, T.Q.; Ramsay, K.S.; Barsan, M.M.; Butler, I.S.; Barrett, C.J., "Azobenzene Photoisomerization under High External Pressures: Testing the Strength of a Light-Activated Molecular Muscle" Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012, 116, 9860–9865. - (Full Text)

103. Mahimwalla, Z. S.; Yager, K. G.; Mamiya, J-I.; Priimagi, A.; Shishido, A.; Barrett, C.J. “Azobenzene Photomechanics: Prospects and Potential Applications” Polymer Bulletin 2012, 69, 967–1006. - (Full Text)

102. Sailer, M.; Lai Wing Sun, K.; Mermut, O.; Kennedy, T. E.; Barrett, C.J. “High-Throughput Cellular Screening of Engineered ECM Based on Combinatorial Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films” Biomaterials 2012, 33, 5841–5847. - (Full Text)

101. Sailer, M.; Barrett, C.J. “Fabrication of Two Dimensional Gradient Layer-by-Layer Films for Combinatorial Bio-Surface Studies” Macromolecules 2012, 45, 5704–5711. - (Full Text)

100. Shimamura, A.; Primaagi, A.; Mamiya, J.; Ikeda, T.; Yu, Y.L.; Barrett, C.J.; Shishido, A. “Simultaneous Analysis of Optical and Mechanical Properties of Cross-Linked Azobenzene-Containing Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Films” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2011, 3, 4190–4196. - (Full Text)

99. Dorris, A.; Sicard, C.; Chen, M. C.; McDonald, A. B.; Barrett, C.J. “Stabilization of Neodymium Oxide Nanoparticles via Soft Adsorption of Charged Polymers” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2011, 3, 3357–3365. - (Full Text)

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