Our Lab

Our laboratory is on the 4th floor of Otto Maass building (room 429):


Synthetic resources

Many fume hoods, rotovap and Schlenk line for inert atmosphere chemistry

Rotary evaporator

Or just a rotavap, is a device for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation. Solvent removal is usually performed under reduced pressure.
lab002 This is one of the many communal sink areas in the lab. Glassware cleaning duties are shared amongst the students, in an effort to keep a tidy workplace.


A glassware piece that we use to sublime something! Sublimation can be utilized for purification of a compound or as a mean to grow crystals or films of a substance on a desired surface.

Blak-Ray lamp

Along with the laser lab we have several lamps and filters to run irradiation and bleaching experiments for our photoresponsive materials.
lab002 A view of our chemical storeroom, with some of our many well-organized reagents.