Barrett Research Group

Igor Elkin

Postdoctoral Associate, McGill (2017-Present)
Research agent, UdeM (2016-Present)
Postdoctoral Associate, MIT (2014-2015)
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences, UdeM (2008-2013)
Senior researcher, Skoropuskovsly Sintez (2004-2007)
Research agent, Konversipol (2003-2004)
Candidate of chemical sciences degree, ISUCT (1998-2003)
Chemical engineering degree, ISUCT (1994-1999)

Research Interests

  • New approaches in localized drug delivery
  • Smart avoiding different biological barriers to increase the bioavailability of drug molecules by vectors
  • Chemical synthesis, structural and biological characterization of new materials suitable for the use as efficient constituents of new drug delivery vectors
  • Toxicological aspects of using nano- and submicron particles in drug delivery

Current Projects

Obtaining and evaluating new photosensitive polyelectrolyte materials for bio-medical applications.