Oleksandr (Alex) Bushuyev

MSc, Chemistry, Texas Tech University, 2011

Research Interests

  • Crystal Engineering
  • Energetic Materials
  • Halogen bond
  • Light-harvesting polymers
  • Photomechanical effect
  • Photo-induced transformations in the solid state
  • X-ray crystallography

Current Projects

My current project involves investigation of the photomechanical motion in single crystals of azobenzenes and pseudostilbenes. Such motion occurs on the sub-second time-scale and is of fundamental interest, may find applicability as non-electronic solid state switches as well as... it is just way cool to observe!


  • Bushuyev, O. S.; Tomberg, A.; Friščić, T.; Barrett, C. J.; “Shaping Crystals with Light: Crystal-to-Crystal Isomerization and Photomechanical Effect in Fluorinated Azobenzenes” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013, 135 (34), 12556–12559.
  • Bushuyev, O. S.; Singleton, T. A.; Barrett, C. J., "Fast, Reversible, and General Photomechanical Motion in Single Crystals of Various Azo Compounds Using Visible Light" Advanced Materials, 2013, 25 (12), 1796–1800.
  • Bushuyev, O. S.; Peterson, G. R.; Brown, P.; Maiti, A.; Gee, R. H.; Weeks, B. L.; Hope-Weeks, L. J., "Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as Safer, Structurally Reinforced Energetics" Chemistry - A European Journal 2013, 19 (5), 1706-1711.
  • Bushuyev, O. S.; Brown, P.; Maiti, A.; Gee, R. H.; Peterson, G. R.; Weeks, B. L.; Hope-Weeks, L. J., "Ionic Polymers as a New Structural Motif for High-Energy-Density Materials" Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012, 134 (3), 1422-1425.
  • Bushuyev, O. S.; Arguelles, F. A.; Brown, P.; Weeks, B. L.; Hope-Weeks, L. J., "New Energetic Complexes of Copper(II) and the Acetone Carbohydrazide Schiff Base as Potential Flame Colorants for Pyrotechnic Mixtures" European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2011, (29), 4622-4625.

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